Healthy Well-Being

August 9, 2011 Tessa Duckett

The final aspect of well-being that I want to discuss is healthy well-being.  How can your company help you with your health and fitness.  This can mean many things to many different employees.

The first thing that employers can do is to offer benefits.  Many companies do, but do they do a good job of explaining them.  Yes, I’m sure many pamphlets have been printed with information, and I’m sure it’s all over their website.  The most alarming thing is that the employees don’t read any of it.  I’ve had numerous employees come to me saying they went to the wrong hospital and weren’t covered.  So, the first responsibility is to offer mini-chats regarding benefits when it is open enrollment time.  Easy enough.

My company offers free flu shots, free biometric testing, free fat testing(ugh!), and there is also a free health wellness coach on-line.  Our job as employers is to communicate the benefits to ensure everyone knows.

I did have a “Biggest Loser” contest at my place of employment.  We took 3 months to lose whatever weight that each person wanted to.  We used the friend/coaching/mentor program to motivate each other to our goals.  We used percentages, and of course no names were posted with weight.  Each week we had a challenge.  These would include push-ups, wall-squats, jump rope contests, sit-ups, obstacle courses, and more.  It was a lot of fun, and kept us motivated.  We lost a total of 90 pounds with 23 participating.  Now that is a way to put fun into work and keeping your team healthy.

We do not claim to be experts at health in my place of employment.  We do care about our team, and want them to be their best.  Remember that healthy employees are more productive!  It’s a win-win!


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  • 1. cabilli27&hellip  | 

    At my employer, we have to consistnetly find new ways to communicate with our people. Benifits are one item, but I find that even day to day routine information has to be “spiced” up every now and then to keep attention. Chris Billingsley

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